Download Fairy Tail [Batch] English Sub /Dub Episode 1-277

August 31, 2018


Fairy Tail [Batch] English Sub /Dub Episode 1-277

Fairy Tail [Batch] English Sub Dual Audio Episode 1-277
Anime Synopsis
Set in a fictional world, where there is a wizard Guild named "Fairy Tail". This guild is located in the city of Magnolia, which is in the Kingdom of Fiore. Currently the guild is led by Makarov.

  Lucy Heartfilia, a 17-year-old girl who wants to be a witch. He decided to join one of the most famous wizard guilds, Fairy Tail.  

One day, by chance he met with Natsu Dragneel who was drunk. When he met her, Lucy didn't know that Natsu was a member of the Fairy Tail guild.
Anime Info
  • Episodes: 277
  • Duration per Episode: 24 min
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Producers: TV Tokyo, Dentsu, Pony Canyon, Kodansha, DAX Production, Sakura Create
  • Studios: Satelight, A-1 Pictures
  • Score on MyAnimeList: 8.13
- Fairy Tail Episode 001-175 (Fall 2009)
- Fairy Tail Episode 176-277 (Spring 2014)
Download Fairy Tail Episode 001-277
Episode 001-025 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [720p]Kbagi | [720p]Mega | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 026-050 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 051-075 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 076-100 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 101-125 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 126-150 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 151-175 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 176-200 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 201-225 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 226-250 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive
Episode 251-277 [720p]Uptobox | [720p]Google Drive | [480p]Google Drive

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